More About TASHE

What is TASHE?

Tailored Approaches to Stroke Health Education (TASHE) is an innovative research project that harnesses the power of multimedia and entertainment to improve the health of our community, which is at high-risk for stroke.

What are the benefits?

Joining the study can help make some healthy lifestyle changes as a result of the information you receive during the course of the study. You may become more aware of stroke symptoms, stroke risk factors and stroke preparedness. The results of this research study will contribute directly to understanding ways in which programs like TASHE may be used to improve stroke preparedness in your community and improve quality of life. It is hoped the knowledge gained will be of benefit to others in the future!

What is TASHE trying to learn?

We have developed two stroke education tools, Gospel of Stroke and Mi Derrame Cerebral es tu Derrame. TASHE wants to find out if our stroke education materials can effectively teach church congregants in our community.

Who is the research team?

We are part of the Stroke Division at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. The Director of TASHE is Dr. Olajide Williams. Dr. Williams is a stroke neurologist who has developed many health education programs similar to TASHE, including the well-known Hip Hop Stroke program, which excites children around stroke education through hip hop music and motivates the children to share what they learn with their families at home. Learn more about our Hip Hop education programs at

How can you join us?

Please make an appointment with us to participate! Call toll-free at 1-855-225-6583